Welcome to my new eshop.

Thank you for being here. It is a new experience for me.

I’ve been thinking about an eshop for some time now but never really made it a reality. 
Last summer, I started selling through Instagram. This whole story of e commerce came organicly to me. As I live on an island, not everybody can come and buy in my shop. 
And then this virus appeared so now it is time to make things happen.

From a bad thing come good stuff. 
Enjoy my babies, they are 95% of pieces of clothes and accessories on my eshop that I created myself.

I try as much as I can to re-use clothes that are already produced.

I am aware that fashion is a cause of pollution and at my level it would not be cool to produce new stuff.

So here I am with my customisations and craftmanship. Enjoy my work.

Welcome to my world.


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