My (now) famous Kimonos. How it started.

I am really in love with my kimono collection.

I can proudly write this because it s a team work.

Kimonos made of antique sarees from India are far from being a new trend. I am not the only one having them but mine are the most gorgeous and I m gonna tell you why 😜.

One sunny afternoon, Rachael entered my shop with a bag full of amazing stuff from India. She just lost her unique point of sale and thought her collection would match my shop as it was súper colorful.

It was the beginning of a real success story.

The second good idea was customizing them with big patches in the back and specially the eye one.

I created this version for my friend Karin, famous influencer from ConstantlyK. I wrote Constantly Dreaming for her first Coachella. The rest is fashion history.

Rachael spends hours and hours looking for treasures. We never do 2 of the same and we spot the best color combinations. We are both mad about those antik sarees.

They all have some marks from their previous life, this gives them more authenticity. 
Kissam and his daughters work on cuting and sewing for us. 
Now you know a little bit more about all those treasures.



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