Success story of my eye kimono

Some years ago I felt the desire to customize my amazing collection of embroidered kimonos from India.

At the begining I thought it was a crime to touch those amazing perfectly imperfect antique fabrics. But then I realized it gave them a fresh second life. Suddenly they lost their iconic status to become a boho dream.

A star was born.

I decided to customise a very special kimono for a very special girl I met in my shop a year before. Karin, superstar fashion expert in Germany and Austria, runs a plateform called Constantly-k. So I wrote Constantly Dreaming in sequin letters. 
She wore it at Coachella and the rest is history. More than 22k views on my instagram (which is HUGE for me).

The succes was worlwide and came very fast. Funny when you know I fighting for uniqueness and one of a kind only. My collection of kimonos exists in one piece only. Never ever will I create 2 of the same. That is part of the game.

I am currently working on my summer 20 collection. It is going to be all about LOVE. I hope you will like it. 
I will post it next sunday ❤️

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